Friday, January 23, 2015

The Last Ride

Flash! Friday: Vol 3 - 7
Required Story Element - Setting - "Beach"
Image - Old Lady pushing a bike
190 - 210 words
Deadline - Fri -11:59 PM -1/23/15

The Last Ride - 199 words

Rene was looking for a place to empty his bladder in Montreal when he found Mona crumpled in a heap behind the Holiday Inn in 1962.  She had been beaten, gang raped, and unknown to either of them, she was now pregnant.  Rene took her back to Maine, married her and never once asked her any questions about that night. 

Both of them went to work in the textile mills in Sanford.  52 years, five children and 12 grandchildren later, Rene died.  Mona took it in stride.  She knew her life was closing out.  She had one last thing to do.

Mona purchased a used blue bicycle from a local bike shop.  The next Sunday after church, she strapped the shoe box containing Rene’s ashes to the rack behind the saddle and headed down Rte 109 to the beach in Wells.  Several hours and 17 miles later she leaned her bike up against the guard rail separating the beach from the parking lot.

Shoe box in hand, Mona walked onto the beach and into the surf.  She opened the shoe box and dumped Rene’s ashes into the knee high waves.  Kneeling down, she crossed herself, keeled over and died.

Image courtesy of  Giorgio Grande

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