Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Free Range - 100 Words

What follows are two 100 word pieces using the weekly prompt "Feasting" from Verbal Verbosity.  The first one is my favorite of the two and thus my official entry.   I also liked the second one, so I included it.  Both are based on a similar story idea.

First Version

Head Drover opened the doors of his rig and feasted his eyes on the new free range breed that was supposed to turn a profit from these fringe graze lands never used before.He was no science guy, but he knew this new breed needed no care.  Small herds were let loose previously and allowed to thrive or die on what sustenance they could find.  The bulging stockyards indicated those science dweebs were pretty clever after all.

What threw him was this breed stood on two legs, not four.

"Okay you Space Cowboys,  head em up ...... move em out."

Second Version

The property located at the outer fringes sat ignored until pressure from growing populations created a cost to profit ratio flip.  Put up for auction, one lucky agri-business sneaked in with the highest bid.  It was a prime piece of land.  Free range livestock grown here would be all the rage at the many upper crust feasts their citizenry loved.

Small herds were scattered here and there.  Allowed to grow and prosper, eventually finding critical mass.  It was time to harvest.

The foreman stepped out of the spaceship.  "Okay you Space Cowboys, let's head em up and move em out."

I recently decided to try my hand at some flash fiction again.  When I opened up some of the many flash fiction sites, most had disappeared.  That's what happens when one does not pick up a pen for a couple of years.


Velvet Verbosity said...

Welcome to the 100 Word crew! The first entry is a morbid hoot!

PurpleMoose said...

picking up a pen after a time is always challenging. Glad you found VV. :)