Thursday, December 29, 2011

Dreams Do Come True

"Keep me in the loop."  Arthur rang off and went back to studying the recent siesmic report.  He noted with some satisfaction the intensity of the after shocks seemed to be fading  and were fewer and farther between since the last report two hours ago.  Well, that was some good news.  Maybe now he could catch some sleep. The worst was over.


Mrs Kildane, Arthur's mother, was a seasoned survivor of earthquakes.  She experienced her first as a child living in the San Fernando area in 1961.  She was ready for this one.  The first tremor drove her outside and away from the five story building she and her husband of 40 years were living in.  She made sure to not use the elevator.  Good thing too, she could hear people trapped somewhere near the third floor.   Holding her "Important Box" she hit Sixth Street just as the second and much larger tremor hit the Mission Bay neighborhood in San Francisco.  The shock knocked her off her feet cracking her left hip.  Her husband was still out somewhere running errands.

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Rudy - Indie Ink Challenge

Five years in a row Rudy had been voted the best Red Cap on the line from Grand Central Station in New York City right through to the LaSalle Street Station in Chicago.  His behavior like his uniform was always spotless.  His smile was always quick and pleasant.  And his ability to solve baggage problems became mythical tales told in station break rooms from coast to coast.   He remembered all the regulars by name and treated the many travelers just passing through like old friends.

Many times early in his career, the company had offered Rudy the opportunity to leave the baggage to others and step into a management role.  Rudy refused.   More than one train executive had tried to steal him for their own station.  Rudy would not budge.  This station was his home and for the brief moments travelers came thorough his house, they were his family.

Friday, December 23, 2011

The Wing Suit

From Thursday 12/22/11 Thinking Ten Prompt

Jack's stomach knotted hard when he opened the cheap metal wardrobe in the garage.  His wing suit was missing.  He knew immediately who had taken it.............

"Tommy!"  Jack ran back into the house almost taking out his mom who was busy with some kitchen drudgery of one kind or another.

"Jack, slow down. No running in the........"  Jack had already made it up the stairs and was well beyond her voice.  He quickly checked Tommy's room.  He opened his closet and looked under his bed.  No Tommy.  Standing in the middle of the Tommy's room, panic and fear of what might come twirled out of control in his mind.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Till Death Do Us Part - 100 Words

From the Wednesday prompt over at Thinking Ten - 11/21/11

Carla stared at her half empty wine glass.  She had expected another excuse not to be home for the intimate supper she had planned.  Yet here he was cheerfully suggesting she relax on the sofa.  He would clear the table.

“You’re going to divorce me aren’t you?”

“Why would you think that?”

John came in holding a dishrag and a coaster.  “Use this. No rings.  Your rule, remember?”

Carla set her glass on the coaster.  John threw the dish rag around her throat and strangled the life out of her.

“Divorce?  No my dear, I take my marriage vows seriously.”
Wednesday, Words, Inc.: 
table, ring, glass, wine
At 12 minutes I had 143 words - It took another hour to get it to this point. 
I find that no matter what my plan is going in, my stories never finish according to that plan.  This was actually supposed to be a 100 words that would be warm and fuzzy.  Uh, guess I'm just not in a warm and fuzzy mood.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


Flash Fiction Friday - Cycle #60

Caleb Winters sat in his wheel chair on a dock that crudely interrupted the flat calm of Harpshead Pond.  His presence and the dock the only proof Mankind even knew of this peaceful place.  A loon cried off to his left and dragonflies swarmed in manic flight wolfing down mosquitoes foolish enough to be out and about.  Caleb spotted his bobber begin to bounce.

Caleb's fishing pole was stuck in the rod holder Harold had zip tied to his chair a week earlier.   Learning to fish with one hand had been difficult, but over the last seven days he came up with a system and yesterday he finally caught his limit. One more now and he would reach his limit today also.  He pulled the rod out and yanked hard setting the hook.  He immediately returned the pole in the holder to brace it.  Awkwardly he began to reel the line in.  

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Decisive Action

I have decided that this blog will become the repository, the depository, the toilet I place most fiction I come up with from now on.  In that this decision is not one of Life or Death, I reserve the right to undecide my decision if I at some point in the future decide to.  The decision is up to me, not you.  You can only decide to either read it or not read it. 

Not sure why I am doing this.  The reasons I came up with not 24 hours ago escape me now.  But the urge to do it still insists on me following through.  So to anyone out there who happens to be interested, "Lost in the BoZone - Dimension Two" is now back online and hopefully going to be getting fatter.

As there is nothing on here yet,  I promise nothing but more words.

We'll see..............................................