Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Decisive Action

I have decided that this blog will become the repository, the depository, the toilet I place most fiction I come up with from now on.  In that this decision is not one of Life or Death, I reserve the right to undecide my decision if I at some point in the future decide to.  The decision is up to me, not you.  You can only decide to either read it or not read it. 

Not sure why I am doing this.  The reasons I came up with not 24 hours ago escape me now.  But the urge to do it still insists on me following through.  So to anyone out there who happens to be interested, "Lost in the BoZone - Dimension Two" is now back online and hopefully going to be getting fatter.

As there is nothing on here yet,  I promise nothing but more words.

We'll see..............................................

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