Tuesday, January 27, 2015

The D - Pad

Finish That Thought #2 – 30  - Tues - 1/27/15 – 500 words or less – by midnight
Prompt – None of us really believed in [UFOs] until the night [ cameraman] went missing

Special  Challenge –Include 3 of the following: an overweight tabby cat, a freight train, a windchime, a sheriff, the planet Mars, chocolate cake
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The D-Pad 
- 499 words & all six special challenge prompts

“I did not really believe in this alternate reality garbage until last night when my chocolate cake went missing”.  Mayor Tahbey’s whiskers twitched.  He was obviously upset. 

“I was headin in for seconds when I heard what sounded like a wind chime.  A blue three fingered hand reached from nowhere, snatched the cake and then both disappeared.”  He began to poke a plump paw into Sheriff Phideau’s chest every third word or so.  “I expect you to …. not only locate ….. my missing dessert, ……. but find …… the low life cur…. responsible.”

The sheriff rose from his haunches, his back fur bristled and he snarled, exposing his teeth for second.  He didn’t like the Mayor.  He didn’t like the profiling and most irritating, he did not like some fat cat poking him in the chest.

Sheriff Phideau glared at the mayor.  He dropped to “sit” position, lifted his rear leg and scratched behind his left ear.  The ear scratching was more to calm him than actually attend to an itch.  “Mayor, I understand you are upset.  A missing cake I suppose is a serious thing.  But if you poke me in the chest one more time, you will regret it sir. ……..  Now, just the facts please.”

Honorable Mayor Tahbey hissed.  His eyes became slits.  “Why you useless excuse for a sheriff ………….”.  He stopped.  Remembering he had not become mayor by losing his temper, he turned on the best bored cat face he had in his quiver.  “Okay Sheriff.  I did not mean to offend.  I am upset and well…… you know how it is.”

Both calm now, Sheriff Phideau wrote up the incident report.  In his professional cop voice, “Thank you your Honor, I will get right on it.”  He turned to leave.

“See that you do.”


Woz Jobba sat on the floor of the freight car considering the chocolate cake before him.  He had not eaten for at least two e-peks.  He had not worried, Good Luck always found him.  And so it had just moments ago when he spotted this unattended D-Pad before he hopped a freight train back to Mars from the Inner Core.
Gobbling down the chocolate cake with one hand, he flipped the D-Pad over with the other and read the instructions on the back.

“Jeezum,” he thought, “this is the new extra dimensional tablet, the ‘D- Pad 4’.  Has an app not only for everything under the Sun, but an app for every bleepin thing in the Universe. ……….. Won’t the folks back home on Mars love this gadget.”

Under “Features” he saw that this new version, if left in default mode, read minds and would open up the appropriate dimension to address the current mindset of the user.  No more accidents sticking a digit into a sun or black hole.

“Ah, that’s why the icon was flashing the word ‘Eat’. Stuck my hand in and lookee there, a chocolate cake ……… And Double Dutch Chocolate to boot.”

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