Saturday, January 24, 2015

Jibber Jabber - Exercise

I figure that along with the stories I come up with, I ought to also include my observations, feelings, and other thoughts about this affliction I have - my need to write.

I will say it is a good thing I did not quit my day job to become a pay check producing writer.  Not only is writing hard, it is a field filled with people like me who think they have that next great novel inside them.  Sure, we all have one inside, but it is unlikely any of us will find it.

Pessimism aside, I am guessing it does not matter to most of us if we find that novel or not.  It is the process of writing that drives me and I assume most of the aspiring writers out there.  I love putting words together to form ideas, places, stories.  I love to like what I write, but when that does not happen (which is often the case), I savor the fact I tried.  Besides, now that I am officially an old faht, AARP tells me I should exercise.  Not just physical but maybe of more importance, keep the gears in the noggin from rusting shut.  Nothing de-rusts my brain like trying to tell a story in 100 words or less.

Later .............................

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