Wednesday, February 11, 2015

The Loser

Velvet Verbosity *413 - Prompt ~ Robbed  - 100 words

Standing at the bus stop in the cold rain.

Foul weather and melancholy, 

bring into sharp focus, a lifetime of pain.

The soul had suffered so many felonies, 

a thousand cuts of momentary shame.

Withdrawn and numb now, the shell still exists, 

while the essence and joy in Life long ago floated away.

Was it the theft of a childhood, one drunken blow at a time?

Or rather school yard bullies and a brief hollow marriage 

that bears most of the blame?

It matters little now, standing here in the rain.

What once was, is the present, nothing has changed.
Image from Saustria


Velvet Verbosity said...

So sad. We're all born the same, but life can be cruel.

MRMacrum said...

velvet verbosity - Sad was what I was aiming for. Some folks hit the mean streets right out of the gate and never make it out.

Ruby Manchanda said...

Somber tones written elegantly

MRMacrum said...

Ruby Manchanda - Thank you for reading it. I never know what to say in reply, but I guess a reply of some kind at least let's the reader know I am grateful for the comments.