Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Conversation Over Drinks After Work

Last Line First – Week 4 - Prompt – “You’ll know better next time”  -  200 words or less 

“You’ll know better next time.”

“If there is a next time. ………. Big Guy frowns on failure.”

“Calm down. He always hands projects to rookies proposed by the liberal whack jobs on the Board. Did it to me my second assignment, eons ago.”

“Why that no good Bast…….”

“ Be careful. His eyes and ears are everywhere. Develin landed in the basement, distributing office supplies after using the F-word. Big Guy hates the F-word.

“It’s not fair. I was handed a no win project and expected to succeed.”

“Welcome to the big leagues kid. Fair doesn’t exist.”

“Friggin attachments were the problem.”

“Attachments? …… He’s been known to toss the Liberals a bone on occasion. They do propose good ideas sometimes.”

“Give me some examples.”

“They came up with trees, flowers, and butterflies. ………… What were the attachments?”
First was Free Will. Really? Folks thinking for themselves?……. Riiiiight. Next, the laugher notion, procreation should be pleasurable. And last, Evolution. Allowing denial of his existence, well, it seems counterproductive.”

“Sounds like a mess alright. Maybe Big Guy will send his cocky kid down to straighten things out. ……. But enough shop talk. Pass me that sacrificial wine. My glass is empty.”

After the break is the longer original version - about 500 words

Original longer version

“You’ll know better next time.”

“If there is a next time.  I blew it.  You know how the Big Guy feels about failure to perform.  I’m just out of the mail room.  How am I going the move up now?”

“Calm down.  He expected you to fail.  He always hands off projects to rookies that were conjured up by those liberal whack jobs on the Board. “

“Hmm ……. But doesn’t this blow his infallibility record?”

“His record is just fine.  It is your record that is not and now, never will be.  He will claim Plausible Deniability.  I am sure you have heard the term.  Who’s going argue with him anyway.  He does likes nipping any potential competition in the bud.  Did it to me on my second assignment, eons ago.”

“Why that no good Bast…….”

“Ah, Ah …….. Be careful.  You and I both know he has eyes and ears everywhere.  And given his position on Blasphemy, well, let’s just say, that’s how Develin ended up in the basement in charge of office supplies. …. But don’t worry, it was Develin’s constant use of the F-word.  Big Guy absolutely hates the F-word.  Using the B-words might just get you dressed down and a scar or two.”

“Well, it’s just not fair.  I was handed a project saddled with impossible provisions and expected to succeed.”

“Fair’s got nothing to do with it.  Welcome to the big leagues kid.  …………. Uh, I read that proposal and nothing struck me as impossible, with the exception of the timeline and you beat that.  Seven days is not much time to get things up and rolling.  And here you are, back a day early and sipping wine with me.”

“Did you spot the three addendums the Libs on the board insisted on at the bottom?”

“Addendums?  No, I just read the original draft. ……..  But you know the Big Guy throws the Liberals a bone every once in awhile.  After all, they do have some good ideas sometimes.”

“Yeah sure they do.   Gimme some examples.”

“Well they came up with trees, flowers, and mountains with snow on top. ………. And of course there are the butterflies.  I just love the butterflies. …… Anyway, what were the three addendums?”

“They may have hit it out of the park with the butterflies, but they handed me some real stinkers.  The first one was Free Will. …….. Allowing folks to make up their own minds.  What’s up with that?  ……. Then I was to allow pleasurable procreation.  They’ll fill the place up like rabbits on Cialis.  And finally, the worst one is something called Evolution.  Don’t really understand it, but it gives the impression we had nothing to do with their creation.”

“  Whew.  …… Sounds like a real mess alright..  Maybe Big Guy will send that cocky kid of his down there to try and straighten things out. …. But enough shop talk.  Pass me that decanter of sacrificial wine.  My glass is empty.”
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