Saturday, February 21, 2015

Bed Bugger

Flash Frenzy – Round 56 – Image Prompt – kitchen worker in restaurant – 360 words

Graham waited patiently for someone to notice him.  Sticking a toothpick in his mouth, he looked around.  The Green Shingle was packed as usual.  Decent food and cheap fuel never fails.  A disheveled waitress finally detoured in his direction.  Disinterested small talk ensued.

“How was it?”  She swept a rebellious lock of hair out of her eyes and took his twenty.

“Excellent as usual darlin.  Best six egg omelet in the lower 48.”

She made change.  “So, where you headed driver?”

“Movin some executive to Toronto.”

“Bed bugger huh?”

“That a problem?”

She shoved the cash drawer shut.  “Only if you plan on parking here overnight.  If you are, use the back lot.”

Graham winked. “ Thanks Hon ………. “Hey, I’m in the Jackson Van Lines rig with the double sleeper if you feel like visiting later.”

The waitress grinned, “Driver, get out of here.  I’m married and old enough to be your grandmother.”

The lack of post lights in the back lot suited Graham just fine.  He found a spot away from the other trucks and backed in.

As he pulled his parking brakes on, a van drove up and stopped.  Graham wasn’t suspicious, but he was cautious.  He rolled his window up half way.

A woman wearing a halter top and cut off jeans  two sizes too small hopped out of the van and approached Graham’s rig.

“Say driver, looking for some company tonight?”

“No, not tonight.  Just wanna sleep.”

“Well, how 'bout some go fast pills then?”

“No.  Go away.”

Graham did not notice her reaching behind her back.  His eyes were on the figures approaching in his rear-view.

“Driver.  Let me see your hands. … You’re under arrest.”

The gun she held told him it was over.  He turned towards the sleeper.  She shot him in the left lung.

The woman officer who shot him lifted his oxygen mask.  He gasped, “How?”

She leaned in close.  “Caught up with you at the New Stanton tollgate, followed you here, and found Rebecca and your pistol while you were stuffing your pie hole. …. Hope you fry, you bastard.”  She let the mask snap back to his face.
Image courtesy of Ashwin Rao

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