Saturday, June 18, 2022

Danger Zone

CR99 - for 6/18/2022 -99 words

“We’d made a promise when we were kids that we would never see each other again. Yet, here you are on my doorstep and once again asking for help I cannot imagine giving you.”

“When I helped you bury that other friend of yours, I told you that was the last time. I won’t even loan you a shovel. Now take your sorry ass and ………….”

“Wait now. Let’s not get excited. No need to brandish such a large knife. You know what? Screw that promise we made when we were kids.”

“How can I help you old friend?”


Since Charli,the author of this challenge,  used Kenny loggins' tune, "Danger Zone" as her prompt, I will follow suit and use it here.


D. Avery said...

These sound like a dangerous pair! I dread to think what the basis of their friendship is.

HulderMN said...

Now THAT'S a true friend!