Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Jack Top #1 - "A Cicatricial Reminder" - 100 Words

I was sure I had purged my belly full of anger a few weeks ago.  Apparently not.

I decided to once again try my hand at some Flash Fiction when I found a blog run by an old Flash Fiction friend that offered up a weekly 100 word challenge based on the prompts she came up with.

I also decided that writing an upbeat happy 100 words would put me in just the right mood to walk down to the Town Hall and step into a voting booth.

Try as I might, I could not fashion anything warm and fuzzy, wry or humorous.  All I had floating around inside the cranial void were serious negative waves dude.

I was actually surprised.  I thought that some of my recent rants, posted and unposted , would have set me straight.

So my re-entry into Flash Fiction is dark, ........ yeah, not a pleasant tale.

Be forewarned and remember it is only a story.

"A Cicatricial Reminder" - 100 Words

The Perfection Fiction BlogChallenge – due – 11/8/16
3 word prompts – unquiet, cicatrice, drive

“Know what drives me in moments like this?”   

With a flourish, Jack Top impaled the bloody nipple on the wall behind his most recent play date.  He turned, facing Axel.
 “Uh, no Boss.  Just figured you liked hurting folks.” 

“Inflicting pain is but a means to an end.  Unquiet symphonic theater comprised of primal fear and no compromise torture is what drives me.”

Axel’s hand fingered the scar running from his forehead to his chin.

Jack smiled.  “No dear simple Axel, your disfigurement gave no pleasure.  Just a necessary cicatricial reminder to pay attention.  You know I hate repeating myself.”

I feel better now.  Ready to run the handshake gauntlet outside the town hall.

Keep it 'tween the ditches .......... and be sure to cast your vote.
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