Thursday, January 12, 2012

Broken Man - Terrible Minds Challenge

Challenge from Terrible Minds
For Friday 1/13/12- use song title from random song pick from list - 500 word limit
My song title was "Broken Man" - Rage Against the Machine
Carson sat with his back against the ruined front wall of what had been a nice upscale McManision a year ago.  He was a sitting duck here and he knew it.  It would not take long for one of the random flitterbugs to spot his heat signature.  He had to get underground and do it soon.  He could not stay here upside like this much longer.

He had to wait for daylight. His heat signature would be harder to spot and it seemed there were fewer flitterbugs out and about.  It had taken Humans at least 6 months before they caught on to this one weakness of the Urigions, or Uriggers as they became to be known.  Their day was Humanity's night.  Their physiology juxtaposed against Mankind's told a story of a species from a planet and existence completely alien to the Human mind.

Finally after some had been killed and cut open, the high IQ’s still left among Humanity’s ranks figured Urigon was a planet of low light, low gravity and was very noisy in the wavelengths humans were used to. Uriggers hearing dropped to deaf below the sound of a dog whistle and their vision stopped at the infrared level.   The visible light Earthmen favored seemed to be poison for the Uriggers.  They only stepped out of their sealed encampments at night, and only on cool nights. Of course their machines emulated their species' particular physical eccentricities.

Did this make the Uriggers superior?  Or inferior?  Carson once wondered this.  The Uriggers had certainly shown their technology was better. The mankind that was left existed now underground in forgotten mine shafts, natural caverns, and deep basements under destroyed tall buildings.  Once dominant, Man had been reduced to competing with rats in order to survive.

Carson had quickly forgotten to worry about the fate of his world.  His only concern was self preservation.  Making it back to his hole in the ground was his focus right now.  He concentrated on remaining still this last hour before the Moon turned over control to the Sun.

Something rubbed against his leg.  Carson looked down.  A righteously well fed rat had it's head buried up his right trouser leg.    Carson panicked, but only inside.  He managed to remain perfectly still.  The rat bit him.  Carson flinched.  Still he kept his wits.  Slowly he brought his machete up and then quickly down, cutting the rat in half.  A needle of light burned a hole through Carson's brain.  He slumped over.


Urigions are nothing if not environmentally conscious.  It took them several Epochs, more than a few downfalls, but eventually they figured it out.  It was possible to hunt a species to extinction.  Lleg and Brnk walked up to Carson's body.  Lleg sliced Carson's right hand off with a  beam knife.

"It's a shame hunting season ends tomorrow.  But if we want to keep this place primal and full of game, we have to let it heal.  Besides, with this hand, I'm tagged out."

(500 words on the nose)

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