Friday, February 13, 2015


Flash! Friday Vol 3-10    -209 words

How does one describe the bond created between pets and their humans?

I first met Trouble at a rest stop in Colorado.  Battered, broken and half starved, she stole my heart immediately.  I hauled her to California.   A vet there did his best but did not offer much hope.  She and I flew back to Maine.  There was no problem locating her at baggage claim, her distinctive yowling guided me right to her.  Upon picking her up, she purred and began nursing on my neck.

After she had convalesced and the bandages came off, we took stock of her healed condition.   She walked with a limp and her fractured jaw had not healed straight, forever giving her the ugliest mug in Cat-dom.

We need not have worried about her inclusion into the dynamic of the rest of the cat crew.  She took control immediately and ruled with a firm paw.   Whatever she faced now was a cakewalk compared to what she had been through as a kitten.  The other cats gave her wide berth unless invited into her world. She always laid her kills at my feet.  And even at age 17, she was still nursing on my neck.

She was a gladiator who survived.  Damn, I miss her.

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